You are the Competition

Exodus 35:35 - He has filled them with every with skill to do all the work a craftsman, an embroiderer, and a weaver using blue thread, purple wool, scarlet material, and fine linen, and of a loom worker. These men will do every sort of work and prepare every sort of design. 
I wanted to share some motivation on starting a business during this pandemic. If you have a creative streak. An eye for art or just into fashion. This is the time to start. Share your Gifts with the world. Why? 
First, if you don't know an idol mind is the devil playground. You have to keep yourself productive, busy or working at all times. Doing something constructive with your time and prevent any mishaps.
Secondly, it does nobody any good if you bottle your talents up and put it on the shelf for a rainy day. There's over a trillion people in this world. Somebody out here could use your talent. No one is the same. Get that through your mind.  
I was recently in Facebook group. Someone posted a question, Should I start a business now during a pandemic?
Do you know that people in the group bashed that person and said How dare you ask this question. No, this is the worst time to start a business if you're not already in business.
I TOTALLY disagree with the response. Granted everyone has their own opinion but it's all in how you interpret it. Don't let another person opinion stop you from achieving what it is, you want to achieve. 
If you don't do anything, Please learn a new skill, start a business, publish that book or product you were holding out on. Don't listen to what people tell you. They could be the very one just starting a business and don't want no competition. 
You are the Competition! 

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